XPERTECS DIgiassets microloan

Initial Date of publication: October 10, 2019

We want to make sure there is enough interest so until we distribute 1,250 assets we will not use any of the funds.
In the case we can not reach our goal by December 31, 2019, all funds will be returned minus the small transaction cost of <1DGB.

How many Digiassets will be released and at what price?

15,000 DigiAssets at a price of ~$100 USD each.

Does buying a Digiasset give me a Share or stock in xpertecs?

Each DigiAsset is considered a micro-loan and does not give the holder a right, stock, stake or share in Xpertecs LLC beyond the extended options found below and accepted by the lender in good faith, but it does give the holder the right to profit-sharing as a form of repayment of the loan according to our Repayment Schedule and Information below on this page. The MicroLoan is simply a loan from a private individual given to Xpertecs LLC and with a repayment plan as detailed below.

What is the MicroLoan for and what is a microloan?

Expansion of the Xpertecs LLC business.

A micro-loan (microloan) is a loan from a private individual or business who wants to loan a certain amount of money in exchange for a specific form of repayment over a specific amount of time. All lenders must lend in good faith and in full knowledge of what they are lending by purchasing DigiAssets. I would advise all lenders to read this page in its entirety as purchasing 1 or more assets means you accept all the terms found on this page.

What is Xpertecs LLC?

We are a professional residential and commercial contractor specializing in low voltage services such as data and networking cable installations, security cameras, burglar alarms, IT, audio and visual installations. We also have our home remodeling services that range from outdoor services such as sprinklers, artificial turf, pavers, gazebos to indoor services such as, tiles, painting, framing, cabinets and more. We also handle holiday decorations for customers.

How long has Xpertecs been in business?

~ 4 years.

Where are you located?

Glendale, Arizona. (Servicing the Phoenix Metropolitan Area)

Are you professionally recognized by the state of Arizona?

Yes, we carry a dual and single contractor license: CR67 Low Voltage for Residential and Commercial, and R62 Remodeling for Residential.

Also, we are an LLC we are filed with the corporation commission and in good standing find us here.

As we progress through the goals I’m also looking to acquire my General Contractors License as well, to open up even more opportunities.


Goal 1) 1,000 assets sold: New Advertising Campaign to expand the burglar alarm side of the business. Revamp website for full service, add DGB payments and Digi-ID to website.

Goal 2) 2,000 assets sold: Hire new Employee and buy New/Used Service Vehicle. Additional Advertising.

Goal 3) 5,000 assets sold: Relocate to a storefront/office/warehouse by purchasing or leasing, and begin selling retail too.

Goal 4) 10,000 assets sold: begin plans to expand out of City and out of state with a minimum of 1 new location.

Goal 5) 12,000 assets sold: This is our Stretch Goal, this is for designing Xpertecs Branded Items that we can sell 3rd-party and to our own customers.

Goal 6) 15,000 assets sold: Our Extreme Goal is to use our contractor’s license to allow us to flip and build homes and make even greater profits for our asset holders.

How will the MicroLoan be used?

First, we want to make sure there is enough interest so until we distribute 1,250 assets we will not use any of the funds. In the case we can not reach our goal by December 31, 2019, all funds will be returned minus the small transaction cost of <1DGB. If we reach our mark, then starting January 1st, 2020 we will begin our work on goals below:

If we successfully distribute > 1,000 assets we will begin a city-wide advertising campaign highlighting our burglar alarm systems and monitoring plans. We will revamp our website so people can order directly from our site. We will create a plan for DIY systems that come with very low monthly monitoring costs to take some of the DIY Market. We will look into expanding DIY systems in other states by purchasing proper alarm licenses. We also want to continue revamping our website to offer services to customers directly from the website where they can schedule and pay all at once. We also want to build a custom mobile app so customers can quickly book us and get tech support in a hurry.

When we reach > 2,000 assets distributed we plan on hiring at least 1 new alarm installer and purchase a good used vehicle plus get a vehicle wrap. The costs of hiring a single employee can be extreme with general liability and workman’s comp insurance, it’s not cheap, so this goal is to expand our Employee base and help me concentrate on relationships and finding new customers.

When we reach > 5,000 assets sold we will be looking to either purchase or lease a building with a storefront/showroom and a small warehouse. This will be a large expansion so we can begin buying in bulk and saving money on everyday hardware we use to service our customers. Our storefront/showroom will allow us to sell directly to customers and have a place for customers to come discuss ideas and future jobs.

When we reach > 10,000 assets sold we plan on expanding into multiple cities, for example, the Phoenix Metropolitan Area where we service is about a 2 hour drive from its most West Side to its furthest East Side, being able to expand into the center of another area will allow us to service our customers who are further out much faster and begin offering services at greater distances from us. At the same time, we will be looking into ways of expanding out of State with the Xpertecs Name to create a business that stretches over all of America. We may even look into franchising the name and offering a branch of tech support over our custom app by customizing it further.

When we reach > 12,000 assets sold we will begin designing and bringing to market Xpertecs Branded products such as HDMI Cables, TV Mounts, etc. Also, build and sell products created by Xpertecs that we have seen a need for in this business that can increase our bottom line. We will also customize our app further.

When we reach 15,000 assets sold we will begin building and flipping homes where we provide full home services to our customers, home automation and security options as well. This will allow us to get the greatest return for our dollars and the highest return to our asset holders. In addition to reaching such a huge milestone, we will extend the payouts by an additional 5 years.

What is the payment plan?

It depends on how many of the goals we reach. These will be considered the “Payout Profits” depending on each goal reached.

Reach goal 1: 60% of the monthly monitoring profits of the alarm business will be distributed to all asset holders. Also, 60% of the profits for our alarm add-on services will be distributed to all asset holders monthly, annually or in the month they occur depending on the type of service.
(Please remember The Alarm Side of our business is just beginning and that is why it was my starting point for the goals. It will be a long process but with great rewards in the end.) The total distribution of our existing monitoring profits (60%) would be $26.25 a month for monitoring fees and $1.20 per month for add on services.

Reach goal 2: in addition to the above, 50% of all profits for service jobs under $1,000.
In the past I would say close to 80% of our work are smaller service jobs which at our current rates at 50% of the profits would bring in near $10,000 a year in profit distribution. These numbers would go up as well when I can focus on bringing in jobs and have a technician out in the field.

Reach goal 3: in addition to the above, 50% of retail profits, 50% of all subscription fees for technical support, 50% of all holiday decorating profits and 50% of our home remodeling profits.

Reach goal 4: in addition to the above, 50% of all business profits including large commercial contracts will be distributed to all asset holders.

Reach goal 5: in addition to the above, 50% of all branded item sales.

Reach goal 6: 50% of all business profits. Payouts will become quarterly after each quarterly tax payment.

By following this plan the loan repayment will be considered fully repaid by December of 2040 and all other contractual obligations will be considered null and void.

Early payoff for xpertecs?

Why would an early payoff occur? Maybe DGB flew to the moon and people would prefer to just take profits early. Maybe lenders would rather hold DGB in a few years. Other reasons that have not been considered.

Early payoff of the loan would be done with a discussion of the cost to pay off the loan, once terms are agreed on, a 7-day poll would occur and if there is a majority (51%) then the terms would be executed. The early payoff can not be done in a way to bankrupt the business or put it in a very difficult position financially. The early payoff would most likely happen with a redistribution of the remaining funds and any profits already made from the specific year in which it would occur. Xpertecs LLC can choose to turn down any early payoff if terms would hurt the company in any way.

In the event of an early payoff of the MicroLoan all contractual obligations would be considered null and void.

What currency are transactions and repayments in?

The purchase of assets will be in DGB at a cost of around $100 USD each. Repayment will be in DGB to asset holders but the underlying value of all of our transactions is in $USD with the medium of exchange being DGB.

So you can consider each asset an approximately $100 USD investment (paid in DGB).

Repayment will take each months’ $USD “payout profits” exchange them into DGB and share them among purchased asset holders. The formula will be:
(Payout Profit/Assets Sold) – Exchange and DGB Transaction fees = Payout Per Asset

Please remember with repayments, we do not consider the past value or possible future value of DGB. We use $USD as our base currency and DGB for payment.

What is the intended profit margin on the loan?

This is not a traditional loan with a traditional APR that can be calculated and a payment plan put in place. Asset buyers (MicroLoan Lenders) accept that repayment will be in the form of profit-sharing according to our terms and goals reached on this page.

How long is repayment?

Repayment will be monthly on or around the 15th of each month +/- 14 days depending on holidays, technical difficulties, or accounting needing more time to calculate proper profits. The repayment plan will begin in January of 2020 and ends December 2040.

If we reach our largest goal, we will most certainly move to a quarterly payout as it coincides with paying taxes and makes accounting for profits much more accurate.

If we feel at anytime we need to move to a quarterly payout system, it will be left up to Xpertecs to decide and it will not require a poll. We can move to the quarterly payout system by a simple announcement to our telegram group.

If we hit all of our MicroLoan goals (sell all assets) we will extend our repayment plan to December of 2045.

Does it matter when I purchase the Asset?

No, It does not matter when the asset is purchased or repurchased off another person. The Last payment will always be December 15th of 2040 or if we sell out of assets and hit all our goals the Last payment will be December 15th of 2045.

What happens after December 2040?

The MicroLoan will be considered paid in full and any contractual obligations will be considered null and void.

What is the value of each asset?

We are starting with a value of $100 USD per asset.
Once all assets are sold. The market will determine the value of the asset, we do not control the market so we can not even begin to assume a value for it.
After the MicroLoan is repaid in full we expect the value of the asset to be $0 USD.

what happens if repayment is extended to 2045?

After approximately 25 years when we’ve reached all our intended goals, any original asset holders (who contacted us and shared their KYC info and kept their contact info up to date, and whom we can reach) will be able to swap their current assets and receive shares equal to their assets in the company at par before a formal and legal blockchain IPO. (We hope blockchain laws by then will make distribution of business shares in the blockchain much less complicated) Complete details will be made known as we approach the end of the loan.

Only original holders who purchase directly from us will receive this gift, purchasing from a third party will only get you the repayment plan. Gifting your original purchase to a family member is allowed but selling is not. The person receiving the assets must attest to receiving the assets at no cost to them and provide proof that they are related to an original buyer, Buyer and Receiver should make every effort to contact us. We can not redistribute assets that have been sold, given away, lost, or burned, once the asset has been handed off it is your sole responsibility to care for it. Asset for share swapping will require the asset owner to send back their assets to Xpertecs.

Full details cannot yet be disclosed on how all this will happen or if any small costs will be involved in swapping since we will have to follow proper laws. We also don’t yet know how many assets will be swapped, how many stocks will be created, or any other details. Because of this, at the moment it is our hope that we can accomplish this as a gift for being an early lender but it is not and will not be considered a part of this ongoing contract as an act that must be fulfilled. Again full details on how this can be accomplished will be made available in 2045.

What happens if the business is sold?

When the business becomes extremely profitable we may start getting offers to sell, As the business owner, I will have to decide on the pros and cons of this sale. Any Sale would ensure that asset holders are profitable. To ensure all asset holders are going to get a large sum, 70% of the sale will be distributed to asset holders, any remaining DGB in the fund will be fairly redistributed, and the MicroLoan will be considered paid in full and all contractual obligations will be considered null and void.

What happens if DGB goes to the moon?

If the funds have been used, nothing, we continue to build the business and continue with payouts.

If there’s a large fund left and repayment in USD is considerably higher we can vote on redistributing the DGB and consider the loan repaid and all contractual obligations will be considered null and void, a 51% majority vote would be required on actions taken, all asset holders will have a chance to vote. I would prefer to reinvest the higher gains directly into the business for even higher returns for asset holders. But I am also willing to yield to a majority.

what happens in the unlikely scenario that xpertecs goes bankrupt?

In the unlikely scenario that Xpertecs LLC goes Bankrupt, Any remaining DGB will be redistributed to asset holders, any Buildings, Furniture, Fixtures or Business Assets will be sold off and all profits will be redistributed to asset holders. The loan at this point would be considered paid in full and any contractual obligations will be null and void.

What happens if DGB Value drops hard In the early days of the microloan?

Because of the required funds to do the expansion properly we would most likely wait until the price goes back up so we don’t sell at a loss and not be able to complete the goal we planned for, after 3-6 months if the price has not gone back up and there’s a majority vote we can redistribute DGB back to asset holders minus any transmission fees. We want to keep the lender’s best interest in mind and do our best to take care of your investment so we will not sell at a loss because that undermines our goals and reduces investment payouts considerably at the beginning.

How will you hold the DGB, and what would happen if xpertecs gets hacked?

The Majority in cold storage for protection. If Xpertecs were hacked and/or funds stolen we would first let all asset holders know what happened, we would also continue paying off the loan until December 2040.

Mass Lender Exodus?

We want to give the lenders as many options as possible for their safety and security of their investment. So…
In the event that the majority (51%) of lenders decide they would for one reason or another want to take the DGB from the fund and have it redistributed back to them, we can have a poll to decide if this is wanted and in the best interest of the group. In the event this occurs any used funds are lost, the remainder of the fund (minus transaction costs) is distributed back according to the number of assets each person holds and the loan is considered paid in full and any contractual obligations are considered null and void.


If for one reason or another a poll is requested by the community for any of the reasons listed on this page, or any other possible reasons, there will be a minimum of 48 hours to a maximum of 168 hours (7 days) the poll will remain open for Lenders to vote on a resolution. Poll Hours are dependent on the severity of the issue in question.

To prevent the same subjects or discussions from arising, if a poll is conducted the resolution stands for a minimum of 6 months before the issue can be raised again and a new poll taken. If the issue fails to make a change once more it must wait 1 year before being brought up again and each time after.

Can I help Xpertecs with services such as website design, ad creation, video ads, marketing online etc in exchange for assets?

If there are any experts in the field(s) we can discuss some options, please email us at digiassets@xpertecs.com

Does Xpertecs Have any Online profiles?

Thumbtack Profile
Yelp Profile

We also have a Google, AngiesList, BBB, NextDoor, Houzz, and more available profiles online.

Do you plan on adding Digi-id and accepting DGB for services?

Yes, we do plan on integrating DGB as much as possible in all aspects of our business and possibly offering incentives or discounts to using crypto in place of fiat.

How do I purchase an asset?

By purchasing an Xpertecs DigiAsset MicroLoan you accept the Terms found on this page.

Purchase at: digi-broker.com

Please share KYC info (we will send you the required details once we receive your email) and contact info after purchasing to be eligible for a share ‘swap’ in December of 2045 if all goals are met. Contact us at digiassets@xpertecs.com

Assets purchased through a third party or from a reseller will not be extended the same benefits as we have no way of tracking who owns what.

Can i bring legal action against xpertecs for reasons outside of not following the terms of this agreement?


As long as Xpertecs follows the repayment schedule and payout terms to the best of their abilities you waive all rights to suing, taking to court, bringing legal action, or forcing Xpertecs to change the way payouts or payout amounts are done in any way.

You waive all rights when it comes to suing for quick repayment of any kind. You do have the right to resell your assets at any price you choose at any time to make some of your investment back quickly, but we do not offer any sort of quick payments of any kind.

You waive all rights for swapping DigiAssets for Shares in the business at the end of the payout. If and when a swap occurs you will know you are eligible if we contact you otherwise absolutely no legal action can be taken against Xpertecs regarding this matter.

Asset ID link on the blockchain?


is there an Official xpertecs Digiassets microloan Telegram?

Official Telegram Channel

Dispute resolution

In the event the dispute is not resolved through simple communication first and after a minimum of 7 days of mediation, the parties agree to immediately proceed to arbitration administered by the Agency for Dispute Resolution (ADR) pursuant to its Arbitration Rules and Procedures, either on the same day or within 30 days of the mediation date, by agreement of the parties. The parties agree to share equally in the costs of the arbitration and cooperate fully in the effort to schedule the arbitration hearing. The award of the arbitrator shall be considered final and binding on the parties.

Changes to this page?

Any major changes to this terms page will require the changes to be voted on a poll of 48 hours. By purchasing these assets you agree to any new changes that the majority (51%) vote for.